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Post-Brexit reflections

Democracy only works if people are educated and there is social equality.

The fact is that most people in the UK had no idea what the EU had done for it. The millions of EU grants regenerating towns and cities were invisible, the benefits of trade, free movement, etc. were unknown to many who were queuing in food banks and trying to cope with the latest benefit sanction, watching industries fail, health and social care degrading, university no longer an option etc.

People in England and Wales have been suffering the most from Tory cuts which the Scots and Northern Irish have been much less affected by because of their devolved parliaments and specific circumstances.

If you look at the map of how people voted, it is an indicator of the growing wealth and social inequality in the UK. Pretty much without exception, it shows the extent of the damage the Tories have wreaked.

This is not the fault of “ignorant”, poor people, it is the inevitable consequence of neoliberal politics and a right wing press and politicians with a stranglehold on truth. It is post-factual politicians who have blatantly lied to the populace to an unprecedented extent.

Why was Farage, an ***unelected*** failed politician given so much airtime, when elected representatives were not?

What is needed now is a demand for what resources we have to be used to free higher education, restoration of a compassionate and effective health and social care service, social housing building and help to communities to form cooperative and creative local economies which promote sustainable living. The richer of us (the super rich will leave) will have to accept higher taxes for having allowed our selfishness to influence our votes in the past, forgetting that we really are in this together – those left behind have kicked us in the balls.

We need to make UK fairer, more compassionate, more equal and humbler. If we do, then maybe democracy has worked, after all.


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This entry was posted on June 25, 2016 by in writing.


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