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Why I’m terrified of Brexit

Having watched the depressingly awful Question Time from Folkestone last night and looking at some of the Twitter feeds, I am more than ever convinced that if we Brexit, we will be unleashing rampant Islamophobia and hatred of non-white people across the UK. This last few years feels like all the good that was done by anti-racist groups in the late 20th century is being undone and the dying vestiges of racism have been rekindled.

The hypocrisy of racists pretending to be anti-Islam because they are so concerned with women’s rights is breathtaking. The generalisation of brown skin and black hair as denoting Islamic extremists and potential terrorists is shocking. The portrayal of immigrants as resource-draining parasites is reminiscent of 1933 Germany.

People say, ‘but look at London, they voted for Sadiq Khan and against racism’. Unfortunately London is not the rest of the UK. London is a vibrant multicultural city where kids go to school with each other, people work with each other, socialise with each other in the main – and so are not afraid of diversity and actually value it.

The problem is the rest of the UK where it’s either monocultural or where integration has been slower because diversification has been more recent. It’s easier to be afraid of something you don’t really know.

The fact that the Brexit campaigners are now resorting entirely to immigration as the key issue (because they know they have utterly lost the ECONOMIC argument) is dangerous in the extreme. It should be resisted.

I am seriously considering my position as coming from a Muslim family even though I’m British through and through (and non-practicing) if Brexit happens. The hatred of the victorious racists will be a wave running through the country. The jubilation of the white supremacists will be unstoppable. I’ve even considered whether I might need to change my name or leave the country.

If you are wavering, please consider all your non-white friends. I genuinely don’t think we’ll be safe if you vote Brexit.


One comment on “Why I’m terrified of Brexit

  1. Janflower
    June 11, 2016

    The EU is institutionally racist & its sole purpose is to improve the lot of the old white countries to the detriment of the world. Think of your non white friends as they face non EU discrimination.
    As thousands die at the border of fortress Europe, as they turn left in airports like the old jim crow laws to special queues. Only the rich of non EU can afford to come leaving everyone else in poverty. This is not to mention the unfair trade tariffs on developing countries locking folk into poverty.

    The EU is the xenophobic option.

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This entry was posted on June 10, 2016 by in Brexit, EU Referendum, writing.

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